Dean Pollard

I was born into a Central California dairy farming family. My interests in school were the visual arts and sports. I entered into the US Navy when I was 17 and was trained as an Interior Communications Electrician. My stint in the military was eventually cut short by traumatic life threatening injuries sustained while on-board a navy vessel. 

I spent the next two years in a protracted struggle with military doctors who were fixed on getting me back onboard ship, with no regard to the physical and emotional stresses I experienced. Historically, PTSD was still not formally recognized and for me went undiagnosed, untreated, and was exacerbated by the status quo of the time. I was eventually discharged as a "convenience of the government", forcing me out of the military and onto the streets of San Diego. 

The next eight years were a kaleidoscope of searching, self medicating, exercising, and work which, upon hindsight, were fueled by the persistent pains of my injuries. Eventually, a trusted friend from high school who was recently relocated to San Diego introduced me to Theosophical and Anthroposophical writings. 

 Alongside my studies I was developing a running discipline I called Elevated Linear Running. This entailed specifically running along the top of the three foot high sea wall in Mission Beach or any railroad tracks that chanced my path. 

After two years of self study and regular attendance at a local Anthroposophical study group, I moved to Sacramento to attend the two year Waldorf Teacher Training program at the Rudolf Steiner College. Along side my studies there I took up the part time grounds keeping position at the college. It was there that I was formally introduced into the art of Eurythmy. As an avid skateboarder, surfer, and rock climber I was naturally drawn to this new, Anthroposophical, movement art. 

Within a week of graduating my girlfriend and I were off to Europe for a six week bicycle tour. We visited ten different Eurythmy schools, Bio Dynamic farms, cultural and historic sites throughout Holland, Germany, and Switzerland.  I ended up staying in Dornach, Switzerland.  There I attended the four year training Program in Tone and Speech Eurythmy at the Elena Zuccoli School. Along side these studies I had a part time job at the Goetheaunum as janitor, grounds keeper, and night watchman. It was also at this time that I got married and helped bring two children into the world. 

After my studies we moved back to Sacramento where I took up the full time middle and high school Eurythmy teaching positions at the Sacramento Waldorf School. Along side these duties several high school students and I formed the Waves Eurythmy Theater, Sacramento Waldorf's first after school Eurythmy theater performing and touring group. As a collaborative group we were wildly successful, capturing the superior production award at the CSUS Lenea Festival two years in a row, for our epic productions of Coleridge's, Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and Hesse's, Siddhartha.  

 After six years of teaching in Sacramento I moved to Santa Cruz, to take up the full time lower school Eurythmy teaching position at the Santa Cruz Waldorf School. I focused on creating all school Michaelmas Eurythmy performances, the May pole dances, and school festivals.

After teaching five years and welcoming another son into the world, I took up the Site Management position at the Santa Cruz Waldorf School.  

Working with the land and the buildings, alongside a regular surfing practice, has given me fresh experiences and insights into the nature of my own healing and movement gestalt. These experiences have led me to pioneering the use and practice of Staff Eurythmy and Applied Eurythmy.