Sense of Time

Our capacity and abilities to sense the passage of earthly time is rooted in the etheric body of humanity. What is expressed as the fluid nature of our being, the watery qualities that permeate our daily experiences, have to do with an understanding that roughly 70% of our physical body is liquid.

Simply by asking ourselves, “how does a fluid interact within a container?, ” we come closer to understanding a part of ourselves. One observation is as simple as seeing what happens if you hold a glass of water in hand and suddenly trust it forwards. What happens?,  the container, moves forwards and the water, lags behind the movement of the container, in the opposite directing, sloshing back towards you, cresting, and then moves in the direction the container was origionaly moved towards.  An oscillation is setup within the glass, of the water going back and forth, which will eventual sudside unless another movement within our three dimensional space is introduced.

This lagging quality of a fluid within a container is an experience we as free thinking sentient individuals have on a daily basis. When you drive your car around a tight corner the container of your body is holdingback the slosh of your overall fluid self being propelled through space. This daily inherent experience of slosh within our being, how ever raw or subtle,  is for the most part understood and acknowledged and then relegated to the level of the unconscious. By listening to the ebb and flow of your own watery self, above the level of the unconscious, what will arise is the experience of duration. My body moves and the watery portion catches up, after a period of lag. Our sense of time is bound up with this experience of duration. Our primal experience of time is bound up with the state and nature of a fluid. Time as we cognize it, can be divided into past, present and future. If the cognition of time is experienced as the lag of our fluid self, then the beginning of a movement will show itself as the expression of the initial lag, as the quality and memory of the past.  As our fluid self releases and passes through our container self and finds its apogy on the other side, the quality and experience of the present arises.  The refracting oscillating movements are then set up,  which rhythmically flow into the expectant future.

This description is a view into the archetype of etheric movement,  into the the raw occurrence’s, observations and experiences of our watery self. Naturally as we make our way through our day this simple description of our body moving in one direction and stopping is brought into a symphony of directions and intensities.