Today I start with clumping consonantal sounds around a four fold archetype.

Earth, Water, Air and Fire consonants.

Earth; “T”, “D”, “B”, “P”, “G”, “K”, “N”, “M”.

Water; “L”.

Air; “R”.

Fire, “V”, “W”, “H”, “F”, “Sch”, “Ch”, “S”, “Z”

After pronouncing each of these sounds you understand why such groupings.

The Earth sounds interrupt the flow of breath.

The Fire sounds flow on the stream of the breath.

Earth and Fire sounds stand apart as polar opposites, embodying a two fold archetype.

Earth sounds are rung in, almost like striking a bell. The spatial orientation is from above down.

Fire sounds are sounded out, like a shout. The spatial orientation is from below up.


Water and Air sounds, the “L” and the “R” divide the extremes with their own unique polarity.

The “L”, Water sound is formed deep within the tongue which rises up to connect with the pallet to form the necessary counter movement back to the tongue’s source, thus a wave form who’s rotational, spatial orientation is, up and around to the back.

The “R”, Air sound is formed from the end of the tongue, back toward the depths to initiate the necessary counter movement back towards the tongue tip, thus a wave form who’s rotational, spatial orientation is, down and around to the front.

One way to look at a wave, say the kind at the beach, is to see it as a spiral laying upon it’s side.

The resistance of the Earth upon the flow of water generates spirals within the Water.

The resistance of the Earth and the water upon the flow of air generates spirals within the Air.

Add the element of “Fire”(warm and cold) into the mix of possibilities, your on your way to a degree in


The “L” and the “R” sounds invite themselves towards the polar influences of the cold Earth and the hot Fire. Air and Water in tandum, are the elements of life, creating a flexible free flow of the extreme Earth and Fire elements. This very simple alchemical orientation I see in nature and so thus, what is in nature is reflected in my form, ability and desire to speak and sing.

While standing in a neutral, arms to your side, attitude, gently rotate your shoulder slightly up and back. Observe how that rotation effects the rest of the arm and hand. A spiral is generated thus allowing your arm extension. Now rotate the shoulder down and forward and a spiral is generated which allows the arm flexion.

The “L” sound, extension and the “R” sound, flexion, are at the rotational center point of forming, blending and releasing consonants in our language and in our movements.


Rotate your Right arm around in a clockwise direction and you are creating an “L” rotational gesture. Reverse the rotation of your Right arm into a counter clockwise direction and you are creating an “R” rotational gesture. The “L” from below up and out and back, to the “R” from above down and in and forwards. 

The very formation of our hip and shoulder sockets reflect the necessary morphology needed for such a range of movement potential. If you are inclined to Astrological possibilities, then the Trio of sounds and thus Astrological signs, fit nicely into the Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn triad. Each are the ruling Earth signs in the heavens, thus bringing through the Archetype of the Bone formation within the four fold matrix of Bone, Muscle, Nerve and Tissue.

The “B” sound associated with the sign Virgo has the gesture of bringing your arms around and forming the rounded embrace of the hug. The spiral forces of the Capricorn and Taurus are corralled by the Virgo’s hug, thus giving rise to the archetypes in the form and function of the bone within the body, corralled spirals that are continually being released and reformed throughout the body.

“L” and “R” allows us the possibility of using our limbs to dissolve form and to create it. To bring the polarity of Earth and Fire sounds to life.

Besides the sheer mechanic’s of our larynx,  limbs and the possible mystical connections with Astrology,   what makes the consonants in our language speak and sing?   The Vowels!